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(RIP) sherpa
13-12-02, 18:44
:) do any of you guys know what wil hapen if i try and download garmins update software for the streetpilot 3 to my older streetpilot colourmap #(the garmin site says it will cause a problem) Are they bluffing and has anyone else tried it ?
Thanks in advance!;)

Howard Millichap
13-12-02, 20:50
I would guess that if the new software tries to update features that your unit does not have, it could well f@#k it up.

(RIP) sherpa
13-12-02, 22:00
:(thanks for that Howard - anyone got anything other than guesses? :idea

13-12-02, 22:08
For a definitive answer I suggest you try:


He's a member of the UK product support team, knows his stuff & is extremely helpful......as in same-day response to most queries.