View Full Version : Honda SP1 (RC51) restoration?

27-01-16, 18:17
I have acquired this Honda SP1 (rc51) and wondering if it's worth restoring or make it into a Streetfighter. Has anyone had experience of doing one of these? It does run which is something I suppose.

27-01-16, 18:22
Have a look under the stick on frame protectors before you spend any money.:beerjug:

steve hughes
27-01-16, 18:25
Do you have any bodywork? SP1 's make good money but original plastics may make a full rebuild expensive.

Mr K
27-01-16, 18:28
Depends what you paid for it, how much you want to spend, whether it's for profit or to keep etc...etc...etc..

27-01-16, 18:30
The sad end of what was once a very nice bike.

Break it up, sell the bits and put it out of its misery.

Mr K
27-01-16, 18:36
The sad end of what was once a very nice bike.

Break it up, sell the bits and put it out of its misery.

Aye..there is that too...


Nice 'n' Fat
27-01-16, 18:38
If the bike in the photo is all you have to start with I'd day you are pissing in the wind having any thoughts of restoring it to its former glory

Break it, sell the bits and move on :comfort

27-01-16, 21:57
I have a seat unit, exhausts and headlamps etc but no fairings which is bound to be expensive. I think the sound advice to get rid is the one I will go for. Thanks guys.

28-01-16, 14:53
And the price will be ???? :)

Nice 'n' Fat
28-01-16, 15:05
That took longer than I expected :D

28-01-16, 15:29
And the price will be ???? :)

Make me an offer?

jonnie comet
28-01-16, 18:26
And the price will be ???? :)

So, jp842 has not given you a price but has said 'Make me an offer'......

Offer him a pound. He WILL reply 'It's worth more than that' !!!!.....

You say 'How much do you want for it then' ??....I HAVE made you an offer !!!.....

Make me an offer/No offers.....Biggest feck about in buying/selling......Put a price on it, it DOESN'T stop anyone making an offer......:rob

29-01-16, 18:26
More info required, written off? galactic mileage, V5, history, documents/keys etc etc

I do tend to agree with the above, and to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what it's worth, I'm more a 2stroke man :)

27-02-16, 21:25
Get a daytime MOT, tidy up the loose wiring, get any old silencer of eBay
stick the number plate back on and ride it...