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The Other PaulG
28-06-16, 13:20
This project bike was in a dismal place a week ago. Running roughly, and smoking like a Vulcan bomber running rich, the two most likely culprits- rings or valve guides - would require engine-out work and would probably make it economically non-viable.

Not at all good.

Then a chap in Sunbury who learned his trade in the 70s and 80s on just these bikes, took it under his wing. He figured that valve guide wear on these is pretty rare, so perhaps a stuck ring was the problem.

Apparently, running Forte fuel system cleaner through it threw out a huge amount of crap. Then, some redex down each bore, it was left to soak for a day or two.

On re-starting, after burning off the redex she now runs completely smoke-free and smoothly. Hallelujah!

I honestly felt this one was near the end of the line, but with a fresh MOT she should be back on the road by Friday.

I bought it just because I'be always really liked the looks and with the fairing they appear to be pretty practical.

Anyone owned one? Anyone have any top tips to share?

Paul G

28-06-16, 14:00
That's a nice bike.

28-06-16, 14:25
Good looking bike and well worth keeping hold of he fellas number as he seems to know his stuff.

30-06-16, 06:31
Anyone owned one? Anyone have any top tips to share?

I bought one about 18 months ago (an F2C with the boomerang comstars). Always had the hots for one when the F2B came out, but never had one. Working away at present, but will post a pic when I can.

There's a forum CB1100f.net that caters for the 750, 900, and 1100F variants with some very knowledgeable and helpful bods on there. Seems to be mainly US based, but with some UK and elsewhere contributors.

I fitted an upgraded starter clutch sourced from there (based on an R6 unit), which cures the problematic Honda unit.

Enjoy your new toy.

30-06-16, 07:30
I had the same dilemma, my old DR 350 started an oil leak from the top of the engine
After cleaning it up, it looked like the cam cover

Removed the front valve inspection cap and the o ring had perished after 20 years

New one from Suzuki was 3

Fitted one and all cured

Nice when that wave of relief tumbles over you, isn't it

30-06-16, 07:46
I had one back in the day ! Get the 17mm conversion for the oil filter, keep the front brake calipers as clean as your kitchen and keep on top of the cam chain adjustment! I had one for 4 years in the 80,s

30-06-16, 08:19
Cam chain. Keep it adjusted. Neglect at your peril. I speak from experience.

When it needs replacing I seem to remember it can be done by breaking the original, linking the new chain onto the old, then feeding through the block.
This would be very tricky surgery that's beyond me or beyond anone if I'm wrong. It would be so easy to cock the timing up using this shortcut.
Someone will be along to verify or rubbish this. I've put it on here for your futher research (maybe contact the owners club).
This shortcut, if possible would save a complete engine strip down.

It could'nt be done with my bike, as my chain broke at motorway speeds. Engine was a complete basket case.:(

BTW... you've got yourself a nice bike there in the best colour scheme :thumb2

The Other PaulG
30-06-16, 11:22
Thanks for the valuable feedback, esp regarding the forum (I'll definitely look that one up) and the camchain issues.

I believe these engines in fact have 2 cam chains, a 'normal' one that drives one overhead cam, and a second that links to the other cam. I'll do some research.

Now she's had a reprieve, I'm going to look at some of the cosmetic stuff, but I'll also get the mechanicals in shape. I want to be able to do some gentle touring in France on her, so I need the basics to be in order.


Paul G

30-06-16, 22:01
The cam chain if neglected "eats" it's way out through the engine block... I found out the hard way....

01-07-16, 22:02
and they weave at 110+

The Other PaulG
01-07-16, 22:56
and they weave at 110+

:D:D I suspect that's not going to be the greatest of my problems!!!


The Other PaulG
01-07-16, 23:02
On a serious note, though, as soon as I can build some confidence in her in terms of reliability and non-carnivorous inclinations, I really want to see how comfortable she is for my (90-95mph) kind of touring. I'd be absolutely delighted if she can play that kind of role.

St Tropez, here we come!!! Watch out! :thumb2