View Full Version : drz400/klx400 Oversize Tank

Neil W
15-09-16, 21:10
Any onwers of drz400 e's or the equivalent Kawasaki model fitted their bike with an oversize, Acerbis/Clarke or IMS fuel tank.

If so can anyone provide me with pictures and measurements of the mountings and fuel taps etc.

The reason is I have a ccm 404 with the large 11 litre fuel tank ,which combined with the FCR carb gives a 85 to 90 mile range from full to empty ............ pathetic.

Ofcourse no one does an aftermarket tank for the CCM but I was thinking that the basic geometry of the frames and rad positions are the same so I may be able to cobble on a bigger drz400 aftermarket tank.

Especially interseted in the IMS 3.4 or 4.0 gallon tank with the moulded in rad shrouds, if anyone can help

Bendy toy
13-01-18, 18:09
How about Rotopax fuel carriers?