View Full Version : Dirt this Bank holiday

27-05-05, 15:32
I have a free pass this b/h Monday.

So I'm going out on the Pogo.

Don't know where Don't know when. Probaly usual place, round herts or essex.

Unless anyone has other suggestions.

Have GPS, can get lost.

Anyone else interested.

I'm away from internet till Sunday afternoon.


Phil Reynolds
27-05-05, 18:18
It's about time I brushed the cobwebs off my KTM Dave, I'd be up for a bit of off-roading on Monday. Let me know where & when, but pleas, not toooooo early a start eh?;)

31-05-05, 07:45
Sorry Phil, I didn't get back home til late Sunday. Change of plan.

Let me know if you can do a Sunday.