View Full Version : Is there App For Finding Campsites

B Murr
28-07-17, 11:02
Is there an app that can be used to locate the nearest campsites to you at the end of a days ride. I know its possible to pre plan a schedule and book beforehand, but what if someone wanted to just call it a day when they find a good location or have just had enough of riding and want to pitch up somewhere with basic facilities. I'm sure there will be an app but does anyone here have experience of one that works well?

Two wheels good
28-07-17, 11:31
Archies Camping (http://www.archiescampings.eu/) is well known esp for POIs. I've not used their app.
I've often just followed the sign for camping municipal and been very pleased with the location. Facilities may be a bit more basic. Bonne route.

B Murr
10-08-17, 14:42
Just uploaded the archies camping app. looks like it also shows campsites in Ireland and probably a few other countries too.

10-08-17, 19:16
There are APs by the ASCI. Camping organisation .
They are downloadable onto your phone /tablet .
I used them in June this year on a trip up to Norway
There are 2 APs ,,one for big well speced sites ,and another for smaller ones
Just open the map near the end of the day find something you fancy, whack in the cordinates on your GPS and rock up at the door:thumb2

10-08-17, 20:12

The low tech solution is one of: look at a paper map for the tent symbol; ask someone (a policeman even); ask out the local tourist information/Town Hall, or even look for some signs. In my experience in France every town or village of a half decent size has a campsite. The higher tech solutions are: if you have a sat nav try asking it to find campsites near you, or get your smart phone out and google "campsites near me". Good luck.

11-08-17, 15:54
+1 for Archies. Works all over Europe.