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23-07-05, 21:00
Can any of you kind chaps check their petrol tank conections for me.

I gather the two smaller tubes are breathers and end up on the right hand side down by the footrest.

The two bigger tubes is were the confusion is. The tank I'm fitting has no pipes so need to start from scratch. I can't make head nor tail of the workshop picture.



23-07-05, 21:13
Derek.. correct, that the two thinner pipes are for the breather/overflow. which pass in the inside of the r/h rear tank mount bolt....and 2 for the fuel supply connecting to the two tubes to the right of the rh injector

23-07-05, 22:15
does it make any difference which way round the fuel pipes go? don't they go to the same place?

just wondering.

23-07-05, 22:23
The two smaller diameter tubes are breather tubes. When you split them for tank removal, spilt one above the coupling and the other other below - that way you'll always connect them correctly.

The two larger hoses are fuel pipes. The lower one of the two is the high pressure fuel delivery pipe to the injectors. The other is the low pressure return pipe i.e. unwanted pressurised fuel returning to the tank.

A better expanation here & an useful tip that I'll be using myself:


25-07-05, 17:05

Cheers mate that was just what I was looking for. I knew one of the thicker pipes was the high pressure feed and one the low pressure return. The ADV article clearly shows which one goes to which semi-rigid pipe on the bike.

You just gotta love these sites and the knowledge within.

Love you all ;) ;) ;)