View Full Version : Final drive/gearbox

13-08-05, 14:32
Decided to change the oil in the gearbox and final drive, so got the crush washers ready, and removed the old oil - which looked fairly clean.

But, on the magnet in the final drive plug was a small quantity of grey spooge, not much, about half a teaspoon at most (and no, I didn't measure it). Not many miles on my bike, about 13K, five years old (don't ask), should I be concerned about this?

Also, got Castrol EPX 75W-80 GL5 for the refill, but spec is SAE90 - what does the team think - get the right stuff, or use what I've got?

Shug (going nowhere for a bit)

13-08-05, 14:58
i wouldn't worry about grey spooge, but half a teaspoon sounds quite a lot. probably nothing to worry about. shiny flakes, not so good.

i use 80/90w GL5 myself.