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Intrepid Ken
20-08-05, 20:12
Going on a trip shortly and as my wife and I use 2 way Autocom and radios to communicate.

How is the best way to charge them at night or while on the road? Anyone know?????

20-08-05, 21:16
I have a Uniross Globetrotter. Very compact. Works off any voltage and comes with adapters to fit most types of socket. Charges up to 4 batteries, AA or AAA NiMH and NiCd.



Mine came with an extra 2 batteries (4 in total) and was only 20. There seems to have been a price rise since. Also available from Argos.

It worked fine on my recent trip across 8 countries to Croatia. I found that I didn't need to use any of the add-on adapters if I plugged the main unit into the shaver socket.

20-08-05, 21:50
If you're camping, then the reassuringly expensive Touratech Chala camp light can be used a charger whilst you're riding - just plug it into the accessory socket...

20-08-05, 22:32
If you are going camping like I do, uniross do one that will charge ni-cad and NI-MH IN 2 hours either from the mains or 12 volt.I made a lead up with bmw plug on one end and normal car socket on the other so I can charge the bats and my phone while I am away. :thumb