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01-09-05, 00:42
The trip took place in late June this year, Thonon les Bains to Menton on the French Riviera. Anyone with a Garmin GPS or mapping would find the trails and waypoints interesting, as would anyone thinking of doing a similar trip.

01-09-05, 08:34

Small world... we met you at the Pizza restaurant in Bourg St Maurice, we were just leaving as you were going in. We used the Formule 1 in Chaumont as well, but on the Friday night.

I'd still recommend you do the gorges as a contrast to the Alps.

Good write up.


Adam :)

01-09-05, 13:22
Amazing Adam! Wish Iíd known! It wasnít a bad pizza ether (safe food :)

Just refresh my memory Adam, which gorges do you recommend, my lot are interested in next years trip already, so Iím casting around for ideas to shut them up.

01-09-05, 15:31
Off the top of my head Du Verdon, De L'Ardeche and... er... and... (Michelin maps consulted) Du Tarn.

This is our third year of the Alps and this was easily the best route we've taken apart from the last two days... North of Chindrieux was dull and next time we'd head East towards Troyes.

PM me your email address and I'll send you the gdb file.


01-09-05, 17:15
Oooh yes! a Garmin trail would be most welcome, my mail address is martin*dot*ebdon*at*ntlworld.com
Thanks very much Adam!

sorry, can't do the PM thing

01-09-05, 19:45
Ebbo, just spent a very enjoyable half hour reading your account and loking at your pics., What sort of camera do you use?,

01-09-05, 20:45
Hi Ebbo
Just to say I have enjoyed reading your travelogue and the photos, thank's for taking the time to share it with us.

Regd's K

01-09-05, 21:06
Well done Ebbo, great report. :thumb

01-09-05, 21:55
Thanks for the kind words all,
Bigmixer, the pages are made up from the output of 5 different cameras. Dave S was using a Canon 300d, mine was a Nikon Coolpix 4500, others were small Olympusís and Fujiís.