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White Cloud
16-01-06, 17:49
Last year I moved to ebike insurance and saved a significant amount of money ( as per my previous emails ).

However, they do not cover Switzerland and in July this year I'll need short term cover for approx 10 days.

Please can anyone advise me where I might get such cover at a reasonable price ?


16-01-06, 17:55
I went down this path and eBike recommended a firm who wanted something like 130 euros for short term cover. :eek:

Best way around it is chop in your ebike policy (at no loss so they reckon) and go to another company or........ don't go to Switzerland :(



16-01-06, 18:00
Firstly, I can't resist: :P :P :P :P told you so :) Ebike are cheap but you are not the first person I've heard caught out by the "EU only" clause.

I made a last minute decision to go to Croatia last summer. My exisiting insurer, Chaucer, would not extend the territorial limits for the trip. After going through the options with my broker, Carol Nash, I cancelled the policy with Chaucer and renewed with Royal Sun Alliance (who automatically include Croatia & various other non-EU countries).

As my policy only had about 6 weeks to run after the trip and I have had max. no claims bonus for years it did not cost me very much and was certainly the least hassle/cheapest option. I got a small rebate from Chaucer for the complete month not used on the policy and my renewal date moved to June from August.