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07-04-03, 12:13
I have just bought a Garmin eMap deluxe package from eBay.

I have played with the unit a little in the car and I am very impressed, but of course I want to put it on the bike.

As far as I can tell there are 3 different mounts available, Garmin, RAM or Touratech.

The basic Garmin mount is really cheap and the Touratech is quite expensive.

Has anyone tried any of the mounts and if so what is your opinion?

Also, the unit runs off 3V DC. How can I power it from the bike battery???

07-04-03, 13:28

I use a RAM mount on my S and it works well. I have to use a yoke mount kit but on the GS you should be able to use the U bolt mount kit.

Cheapest place I've found them (this is where everyone tells me otherwise) is GPS Warehouse.


RAM U-Bolt Mount - Garmin eMap (149Z-GA4): Suitable for Garmin GPS II/III Series, and fits up to 1" diameter handlebars. Includes arm and cradle. Price: 21.99 / 18.71 (Excluding: VAT)

A lot cheaper than a Touratech mount but vibration may be an issue. As for power some of the more technically minded will have to help you on that front as I'm still using batteries :)



Keith Chapman
07-04-03, 14:46
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable (GPSW-CLC03M): GPS Warehouse power cable that plugs into car cigarette lighter. Suitable for Garmin eMap.

Price: 19.99

Looks like GPSW have everything you need, it should not be too difficult to convert the above adaptor to hard wire it to the bike.

07-04-03, 15:50
I bought a touratech mount off someone on the board - I find it excellent, the voltage convertor is built in, I haven't hard wired it just plug it into the second socket on the Adventure. I'll post a picture if you are interested.


07-04-03, 16:06
On the question of GPS...

Which GPS is best one for us biker type guys...
I have heard Various contradictory reports between each
As far as I'm lead to belive the GPS V is the best one for us.
But getting a hold of the Europe maps is scarce...Is this true??

Any suggestions?

07-04-03, 16:50

The GPS unit you choose ultimately falls down to your personal requirements.

I've just got a V and it comes with the Europe CD (fully inlocked if it's a deluxe package). This unit will navigate but has limited memory at 19Mb but it is small enough not to look out of place on the bike and the latest v5.00 Mapsource means more maps fit into the 19Mb.

The SPIII which is extremely popular but a bit pricey has the advantage of 128Mb memory card (this obviously increases with more cards) plus colour screen. I personally think it's a bit big for my S but probably OK on an RT or GS.

If you just want to know where you are and upload tracks/routes of where you've been a GPS III+ might be enough, the only downside being no navigation.

There's also the GPS 176 C but I don't know a whole lot about it and it cost more than a V.

If it makes you feel better I kept changing my mind between a V, a III+ and an eMap (the SPIII was out of financial reach).

Plenty of other threads on this issue just to confuse you further.



08-04-03, 13:11
Understand what your getting at.. So I will investigate a wee bitty further....

But think for myself the navigation side will be handy.
Since I tour europe a lot..


09-04-03, 08:46
Like Adam I use an eMap with a RAM mount. It works well - it's not expensive, allows you to position the eMap so you don't obscure the instruments and you can take the GPS unit out quickly. There is a cutout in the bottom of the cradle for the power lead - I plug it into the front socket on the Adventure.

The cradle is a fairly loose fit for the unit, so to stop unnecessary vibration I've fitted a couple of small felt pads in the RAM - holds the GPS nice and steady now.

Problems with vibration? Not so far - a 1000 mile trip around France proved no problem.

Good luck!