View Full Version : Second Oxfordshire Meeting

27-04-06, 21:32
Chris has suggested 10 May at 7pm at Garsington - so we don't clash with the Reading Mob again. We'll be a bit early for the opera (http://www.garsingtonopera.org/page.asp?p=87) but the curry should make up for that nicely.

See you there...

04-05-06, 19:15
Afraid I seem to be booked elsewhere.

Its my sister's college fashion show, so I suppose I had better go and show my support by leering at all the 18 year old student models, I mean applauding their work. ;)

Where's that digital camera...

04-05-06, 19:21
sorry else where to maybe next time

Nick Marshall
04-05-06, 20:56
to me, fancy a ruby now! promise not to mention panniers, in fact, no one mention panniers next wed night to MMC.......nick

04-05-06, 21:03
I'll try and get over there - haven't had a good Chicken Tikka Pannier for some while :)