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24-05-06, 18:32
Can anyone tell me what the road is like heading North east from Grindelwald to Meiringen passing by a village called Rosenlaui. It looks to be a pass of sorts and is marked on the map with an altitude of 1962 metres.


24-05-06, 19:30
Doesn't look much more than a wide footpath.... :) Haven't ridden it but on the map a section of it shows as restricted use - not sure what that means, though i also see there is a scenic point right on the Gr. Scheidegg at 1962.

24-05-06, 20:04
Went there last October............

24-05-06, 20:05
And found this;

24-05-06, 20:09
Seemed to be locals only going up it - a quad and an old boy on an old BMW

And a bus which came down, which we wouldn't have liked to meet. Single track road as you can see from the pic.

If someone can decipher the words, you'll soon know. We took it to mean if you didn't live up there, then no.

Nice restaurant where we had a coffe while looking at the stunning scenery up there.

Can recommend a nice hotel in Interlaken and a cracking B&B in Colombier, just outside Neuchatel, with views of the lake, if you're going that way.

24-05-06, 20:10
Better pic of the sign for you. Think the top bit says you need a permit and the bottom bit warns cyclists of the bus (cos if you look at the bottom, it's in English :D);

24-05-06, 22:21
Thanks Jon,

pity as it looks like a good route.


24-05-06, 23:00
This road has been highlighted on a previous Post sometime last year,I think the end result was that some one in authority on the Swiss side said that it was open to all but care was needed and the fact that it was a Bus route was specifically mentioned if I remember correctly one of our members may have ridden it.


24-05-06, 23:03
Fekkit....if a bloody bus can do it........


25-05-06, 05:46
Great route; I did it a couple of years ago.

But... you may get stopped and fined by the police! Brilliant route otherwise!