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Mad Tenor
25-06-06, 12:02
Due to work commitment, I have only a two and a half day opportunity in mid-July for a blitz-tour in the alps. I am starting from Munich at the crack of dawn on day one, and need to be in Ulm by the end of day three. Bearing in mind that I want the ride to be leisurely enough to take in the views, (and to allow for any unpredictable weather...), should I concentrate on a relatively localised area, or would it be possible to cover a route between the Stelvio pass and the Grossglockner in Austria including say, the Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch. Then again how about further west around the BielerHoehe... So many possibilities and so little time.... :nenau
Any suggestions would be most welcome... :thumb

Neil W
26-06-06, 11:37
If you want to base yourself in Austria try Zell am See, its about 2 1/2 hours ride from Munich and near the start of the Grossglockner.
From there you are in easy reach of Italy, the Thurn Pass ,GerlosPass,Radstadter TauernPass, Italy and some excellent roads around Berchtesgarden
Its a reasonable 4 or so hours from the area back up to Ulm via Innsbruck, and Garmish along the Deutsche Alpenstrasse and Romantische Strasse.

Mad Tenor
26-06-06, 19:40
Thanks for the tip Neil! :thumb I have booked what looks like a highly recommendable biker friendly hotel in the area (www.simonhof.at) and will report on it in due course. Will probably concentrate on those areas; although I would like to zoom down to the Stelvio if possible......

Any other ideas? :beerjug:

26-06-06, 20:14
With so little time and so many fantastic places there is a problem :)
I suggest you the Stelvio, if possible don't miss it! Nearby you can find the Gavia Pass but you have to drive down more...