View Full Version : HP1 Enduro pictures?

01-07-06, 10:53
Have any of you people got any pictures of the concept or proto-type HP1?
I will be in the market for a new Enduro type machine once my GSA arrives so is it worth hanging to my DRZ until such machines are available?
Any info is gratefully recieved.

01-07-06, 11:16
None have appeared here.

There's not even been much talk or rumour about the HP1 :nenau

Closest we've seen is a bad photoshop of some 1200gs parts stuck on the 800 engine & platform.

01-07-06, 11:25
I put 'BMW HP1' into Google and an Italian site had an artist's sketch of a sexy looking supermoto.
Using my little imagination turned it into a splendid Enduro.
I thought I'd try the masses to see if there is any of you 'in the know'. T

mr moto
01-07-06, 11:46
do you mean this one ? with the aprilia rxv 450 engine ? this is a photoshop found on rocketsandraptors.com

01-07-06, 11:52
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mr moto
01-07-06, 12:01
as i said it is just a photoshop made up by that website but, there have been rumours of bmw producing a lightwieght hp1 based on an updated/improved rotax 650 single engine which would come with both enduro and street type wheels and tyres just like the hp2 in fact . or due to their link up with aprilia, they might also use the rvx450 engine , only bmw knows for certain what the hp1 will be like ,and bmw aint saying anything official. to be honest after the great response they are having with the new f800 engined bikes , i think they will now be concentrating on making the f800 gs their next big project.

ed again
01-07-06, 12:33
Do you mean something like this