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blues n twos
10-07-06, 16:59
This is just a little test the water thingy.

Myself, Tyrone and a mate from work are planning a weeks trip to the Swiss alps and around Austria etc between the dates of 9th sept and return 16th.

Would like to get two or three more for the journey if any one is interested in comming along.

Speed ferries do a bike and pillion crossing for 19 each way Dover to Boloigne.. cant spell. Only 8 bike places per crossing and they are selling fast. Will need to book very soon.

Planning on camping as much as weather will permit so costs would not be high. B&B if the weather is pants or you need to dry out tent etc.

Show your intrest please and we can go from there. Open itinarary for the trip. Tyrone would like to visit some WW2 sites on the trip. I would like to go see Mayerhofen in Austria as i'm skiing there in Jan.

Also the Dolomite mountains are a must. :thumb

Jon :beerjug:

blues n twos
13-07-06, 18:19
Bump... :rolleyes:

Any takers :nenau

13-07-06, 18:29
going with the elephant riders next year, may be interested in a revisit :thumb

13-07-06, 20:56
Might be up for it - need to check tomorrow at work...

27-07-06, 00:35
i will be there at the same time, 1st trip abroad on the bike :thumb , 4 going from hull on the 8th, staying south of innsbruck, hoping to do stelvio, gramscheutjsdvuikhe4toiuh :nenau , and some other famous passes :bounce1 .
if you see a lost looking yellow 1150 thats me that is. still trying to decided/convince mrs on the subject of gps :confused:

blues n twos
27-07-06, 02:55
Thats excellent news mate,

We have 5 confirmed going so would be cool to meet up and ride some of the passes together.

Will forward my number etc nearer the time.

Alternatively my email is jonmurrell@ntlworld.com

Jon :beerjug: