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13-08-06, 14:22
In June four of us went to the Alps to enjoy 5 days of riding along the French/Italian border, pretty much following the “Route des Grandes Alpes”. Besides all the tarmac-passes, we covered as many gravel-passes as possible, e.g. Assietta, Finestre, Tende and Parpaillon. In mid-June some of the highest passes were still covered in snow so we had to turn back on some passes.

Anyway. my intention was to video-film as much of the riding as possible. I had refined the camera-holder so that it’s well dampened to withstand vibrations and bumps. However, the weather was extremely hot and dry, making riding on the gravel very dusty. This resulted in a ruined camera after just half a day! Well, this 8-minute film summarizes that first day’s morning-riding.


13-08-06, 17:09
Well done BB :thumb thats bought back lots of memories. I'm off again next week down to Gap and then Italy, got a few more gravel roads to do. :D

13-08-06, 18:00
Liked that a lot! :thumb