View Full Version : You are now entering Thames Valley...

14-12-06, 22:21
There ya go - change of name accomplished thanks to BHT. Does that mean my Moderating Empire is expanding - or just a wider area of meetings I won't be able to get to 'cos I'm still working?! :D

14-12-06, 22:32
cant we av a royal 'berk' shire branch.:D :D :D more regal dont u fink.:eek:

14-12-06, 22:35
I think we've got enough berks as it is... :D

14-12-06, 22:54
yes you are right.
i now withdraw my request in the light of your comment;)
i will now return to the back benches.:bow

The Bede
18-12-06, 11:32
... Good move changing the Area name ... Thames Valley Tossers ... has a nice ring to it :thumb

... Let us hope it widens the circle of our friends (even if they're not all Liberals!) :eek