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22-01-07, 18:42
hello out there.a group of us are of to andermatt in switzerland on the 28 may for 6 days.can any body recomend b&b's to stay in.any good watering holes/cheap places to eat. all the normal stuff realy. can you help?.tony

22-01-07, 20:46
there's plenty of places to stay in the area just look for signs say ZIMMER FRIE,it means rooms available.
camp site at end of village.
its only a small place which swells in the winter[skiing]
there isnt much in the village ie railway/summer army camp/couple of fuel stations/couple of food shops[coop]/a few misc shops/hotels.
however it is in the middle of some of the best biking roads/alpine passes you'll ever find.which makes it very special to bikers.
i stay at a little b&b called the 'alpine rose'.the owner john being an ex SAS ski instructor who speaks perfect english.i love the place if i win the lotto im of to live there.
you will have a great time.