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    Solar Power Pack for recharging mobiles etc

    I bought one of these for 17 from Amazon. I am sceptical at to the worth of the solar panel on these. It's ability to recharge from this panel appears to exist only in the seller's description. ...
  2. Thank you all. When I have something to write up,...

    Thank you all. When I have something to write up, I'll write it up.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. It has an...

    Thank you for your kind words.
    It has an aftermarket seat. I am not sure what make, but it is marshmallow buttock cuppingly soft.
    To clarify, I bought this bike from Mr Phil Reynolds of this forum...
  4. It is slight, but perceivable.More feedback than...

    It is slight, but perceivable.More feedback than a deficiency.
    I am following your fabulous adventure. I am not embarrassed to admit that it is your likes that have inspired this purchase and my...
  5. Recent purchase 1150 adventure, thoughts and aspirations

    Thoughts and aspirations,1150gsa

    Oddly, I have never set eyes upon one of these beasties in the flesh before now. My impression upon first seeing it close and having being reared on sports bikes...
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