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  1. Bobs Bike Tyres - Deeside - North Wales : Excellent Service.

    Just had the MOT done on the GS.. used to go to another local tyre dealer, but after a few issues and knowing Bob from when he worked there had set up on his own, I headed down to his new place.....
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    Lovely looking weather you had guys. And stunning...

    Lovely looking weather you had guys. And stunning bike Tim.
  3. This is indeed the point of confusion. I couldn't...

    This is indeed the point of confusion. I couldn't seem to get a straight answer out of garmin.
    But don't you have to enter a "name and address" when you register?
    I did with my old 2610. But I...
  4. Life Time Maps Rights, can they be transfered when a unit is sold?

    Hi Folks,
    Have been offered a second hand 350LM, that may or may not have been registered by the current owner.
    Whilst they get back to me I decided to ask Garmin.. their support team, was well.....
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    Keith, they are indeed.. a google search earlier...

    Keith, they are indeed.. a google search earlier gave me a link to an old listing it seems on their site. Following the link indeed shows 7 in stock.
    handtec are the cheapest I think in my searches...
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    Cheers, the worrying things is, Global have it as...

    Cheers, the worrying things is, Global have it as "Discontinued by manufacturer".. do they know something we don't? Garmins website mention nothing of the sort.
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    Zumo 350LM, cheapest source?

    As the subject says.. looking for a 350lm, a wondering if anyone knew who is doing the best deal on them at the moment?

    Seems the place I got my 2610 years back has long since gone.

  8. Anyone?

  9. Cheapest source for a Garmin 350LM these days?

    Hi Folks, my 2610 has now died and gone to the GPS grave yard.
    Having compred, many other options. I have concluded I will get a Zumo 350LM.
    I don't need the MP3 player, or the blue tooth, just...
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    Anyone going from up this neck of the woods, ie...

    Anyone going from up this neck of the woods, ie North Wales, Cheshire?
    Went for the 65th and it was a great site and great trip.
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    CO2 alarms

    As the article linked above states.. its the lack of oxygen that causes the production of CO.
    Modern nylon tents, where people then take a smoldering fire source into them, like a disposable BBQ,...
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    Frontier stoves..

    The Frontier stove is popular with many of the bushcrafting folks..

    A pic heavy review here :

    Have considered one,...
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    Who's bought a stove for their Tentipi?

    Ok.. for those Tentipi owners out there amoungst the GS riding community..

    When not! biking.. how many of you have bought a wood burning stove for your tentipi and is, so, did you get Tentipi...
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    Tents are only part to enjoying camping. Warm...

    Tents are only part to enjoying camping.
    Warm and dry.
    The tent sorts the dry bit. But, looks sleeping mat and sleeping bags, are the key to warm.
    Cheap air beds are exactly that, cheap, and...
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    Get an ortlieb 57ltr rackpack. Insert a piece of correx card into the floor of it. This will curl and give it a bit of lateral rigidity when you place the tentipi into it and it can go across the...
  16. Thread: Stoves

    by rocks

    Sticky: MSR Dragon Fly

    Just realised, my MSR Dragon Fly is now 15 years old! Feck!
    Still going strong. Had it serviced twice.
    Broke a needle valve once, and gone through one pump in that time.
    But it has seen serious...
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    My varrie 9 arrived. :)
    Very pleased it with.
    Not for bike camping, as its a bit big and heavy. Unless I learn to really travel light, which frankly aint going to happen with me!

    But for...
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    When you prime a petrol stove, there is often a...

    When you prime a petrol stove, there is often a transition phase, where the vapourator tube, is still not quite up to temperature to ensure, full vapourisation of the fuel has it passes through, this...
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    ..have sword you had had yours longer than 6 years Oblertone?

    I have picked up a canvas one too.
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    Guy lines

    Don't know the tent, personally, however touching out and innners is usually a cured by tighter guying out and correct deployment of guy-lines.

    That said, if the tent is badly designed and dosn't...
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    How long have you had your Tentipi?

    I was curious, having recently picked up a tentipi, and knowing the many debates over their high price versus quality etc that have gone on in the past.

    So I was curious to know.. how long have...
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    looked at it, but the routing etc is not as good...

    looked at it, but the routing etc is not as good for roads.
    And maps are pricy for it.

    I only want my GPS for road work. I have an old extrex for off roading that is more than required to...
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    Seadog am favouring the 350LM, the 220 is nice,...

    Seadog am favouring the 350LM, the 220 is nice, but I want a good screen for the bike and don't mind putting up with the bulk in the car.

    Also again, its the newer unit, so should in theory, be...
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    bells and whistle..

    True, but I don't need all the bells and whistle and I also want the newer of the two as the life time warranty is rigged for future compliance, so the 350 should last longer than the 660.
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    speed limits

    Ash, cheers.. do you find the speed limit and camera info is accurate on it?

    Not that I am lead footed, but I am spending more and more time driving around major urban areas, with constantly...
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