Thinking of buying a F650/800GS?
F650/800GS road test reports by UKGSers
Press kit, trade show photos and magazine/journalist reviews
Post pics of your F650/800GS

Fuel efficiency, range and octane questions
Offroad / greenlane / snow experiences
Longer journeys, touring potential, two-up and trip reports

Would you trade your 11xx/1200 for an 800/650?
Insurance offerings

Warnings and recalls
Chain failure reports
Chain recall thread
Check your radiator top hose
Unexpected stalling issue

Front axle collapse - BMW recall
Forks--clonks, gaiters and leaks
Steering bearing failures
Wheel bearing failures

Clutch drag and slip
Check your fuel tank for splits
Recalls and software updates
Ignition switch problems

Accessories and customisation
Seats (too high, too hard, pillion...) and suspension
Fitting Hyperpro springs
Alternative screen options
Hand Guards, handlebars, risers and levers

Bashplates, crash bars and other protection
Centre and side stands
Hard luggage--panniers and topboxes

Tank bags, tail packs and soft luggage
Lights, indicators, electrics and alarm
GPS mounts/connections and Autocomm

Tyre choices and emergency repairs
Exhaust options and CAT
Louder horns (Stebel Magnum etc)

Paint, panels and graphics
Wheel sizes - 21in, 19in, 17in

Chains, oilers, sprockets
Maintenance, servicing, tools, torque settings

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