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Thread: thank you

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    Out of the frying pan
    ... A great weekend

    ... Many thanks y muchas gracias to Bryn & Lyn for facilitating such fun

    ... Cheers all you Tossers for being fun
    “Every man who dreams has a screw loose. Awarding them that screw will not make them sane.
    On the contrary, it will prevent them from losing that bright madness of which they are proud."

    Benito Quinquela Martin

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    Thank you

    many thanks Bryn and all those who helped for the EM weekend
    Live life to the max,s Happy days

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    Shipley, West Yorkshire
    Just to add my thanks to Bryn and Lyn, and all the other un-named heros who made the weekend such a fantastic event

    Special mention to Mick and Mark for the road ride on Saturday, fantastic run out with good people

    Looking forward to next year already

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    Cheers Bryn, top event, top food, top drink and stickers too! Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you to all the tossers I've met and hung out with this last weekend. Down in teepee corner the word of the weekend was most definately Tit.. ANIUM (rude boys)
    As for Techno's posh biscuit tin heater....

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    greatttttttttttt weeeeeeeeekend many thanks to bryn n lynne n all the gsers that i met , nice to go tae a do wi such a good atmosphere
    Normal ,in an odd sort of way

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    Thumbs up Bring on the next one!!!!!

    Great week end thanks Bryn & Lyn and all involved, met lots of Tossers with tales to tell, so aparently i have to go to some apple croft place in Scotland with a Gas man!!!

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