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Thread: Looks like the journey is over....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micky View Post
    Paternity leave eh we never got that 40 years ago

    Enjoy ... and thanks again
    TBH it's the holiday leave that I've not bothered taking because I knew the baby was due...............glad you are sorted
    As the great philosopher Keating once wrote " Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta ride it!" ------Amen

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    ... and don't forget your Dragon Rally tickets

    Great thread ( well apart from the thump Sue took )
    Remember, we are only here for a good time, not a long time !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    ... and don't forget your Dragon Rally tickets

    Great thread ( well apart from the thump Sue took )
    Cheers Kenny .... Dragon Rally tickets sorted

    Tours, training or custom made earplugs ... it's all here.

    "If you want the rainbow then you have to put up with a little rain" Dolly Parton

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    it's a risk we take. It's a risk we were prepared to take, no whinges over what happened, it's all part of lifes rich tapestry. "quote "

    compelling reading Mickey, not in a good way but in a " man will overcome way "
    Best wishes to sue and yourself
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

    UKGSER-A place where I've wasted so much time, learned so much, laughed a lot and cried a few times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micky View Post
    Total cost to get the bikes home £3,800.00 mainly because they are deemed to come under The Dangerous Goods Act which doubles the price and quadruples the paperwork ....

    Once in to India he was going to freight his bike back to New Zealand anyway. They were quoting The Dangerous Goods Act to him

    Hey Micky, glad to hear you guys are safe and well now. Jealous you are back in the UK. (I wont be back till December now!)

    For what its worth, under air freight rules, motorbikes are considered 'dangerous goods'. I couldnt even fly bikes domestically in Russia without the dangerous goods label being bandied about. I do hear of stories of people who get away without that, but it strikes me as lucky that they got a freight forwarder who doesnt know that a motorcycle is dangerous goods.

    Rumour has it that you can pull both wheels, the forks, and the handlebars off and get away with calling the whole lot "second hand motorcycle parts", which is then not 'dangerous goods'. But never tried that yet

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    Micky/Sue I've just caught up with this. Can't understand how I missed it earlier but then I miss a lot!

    I'm so glad you're both back safely and hopefully your arm is mending Sue with the care of the NHS. I won't have a word said against them.

    There seems to have been a catalogue of mishaps for travellers further afield this year. What with Sue and the guys you met on the road, Cole having to leave his bike in Astana. Even Tim's group not escaping unscathed.

    My own venture came to an end in Uzbekistan with a broken ankle and gashed shin - battered from behind by a less than careful driver! I know exactly what you were saying about medical care. It took three days, endless doctors and two hospitals to diagnose my broken ankle. By contrast the NHS service was absolutely fantastic.

    I was luckier than you Sue. The guy who hit me became responsible for me and had to pay for hospital and hotels as well as repatriating the bike though I doubt if I'll see any money for the repairs. Charges seemed to be less with Uzbekistan Airways than elsewhere. But then he had friends who had friends which seems all important.

    At the end of the day I am alive, the bike is repaired so things could be an awful lot worse. The rest is only money.

    As for a "failed mission", no way. Given all the two of you did that is a fantastic achievement. Love to meet you two some time.
    We should learn from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. [/I]

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    Quote Originally Posted by petcul View Post
    Love to meet you two some time.
    Well I know both Peter and Micky/Sue and I would say that you'd definitely get on

    Same kind of people and really sound GS riders to boot

    So many roads...........So little time......

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