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Thread: Ping ing cost ?? Any one

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    Ping ing cost ?? Any one

    Of late i had noticed a distinct ping ing noise from my moto
    it only seems to happen when it is at operating temp
    an infrequent happening!.City slicker reckons that he has had
    this intermittant ping traced to the "HALLS SENSOR" ,
    So i phone MR ,,BM ,not really to much avail,he says call in
    and we will put it on a diagnostic machine which will tell all ?
    So what do you knowledgeable lot out there know about this
    Is City slicker right,,If so what is it ,why has it broken,
    is it a dealer only job,what are the likely costs,how long ,
    have you had sex recently ,with whom,does your wife know
    whats the likely penalty if your caught????

    seriously any help would be appreciated,as i am tryin to sell
    the moto ,,but cant with something wrong wey it .
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    If it's an intermittant fault the diagnostic machine will probably not pick it up. As for cost...? With anything BMW it would appear that you're always wiser if you opt for extended warranty.

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    D.I.Y. / PRO

    O.K. then seeing and hows everyone seems to think this is
    the actual problem.How can i be sure?.Can i fix it at home.
    What cost is the part.Any other relavant info appreciated.
    on second thoughts any Information appreciated.
    Where are all the Teccies when ye need em ?.

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    Man, there are alot of us out here trying to find the diffinitive cause of ping/pink-ing. We vary from the home wrench'n retard, to the certified BMW master mechanic.

    Possible theories:
    Hall sensor bad
    Hall sensor out of adjustment
    Throttle bodies not synchronized perfectly
    Valves out of a adjustment
    Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) out of adjustment
    oxygen sensor bad
    Bad fuel
    Fuel additives
    Wrong spark plugs
    Bad programming in the Motoronic ECU

    Any one, or some, or all, of this things could influence the ping/pink issue. From my research and experimentation, it is all the above. There is no ONE thing that can be traced to the cause for EVERY bike that pings.

    Every thing listed above can be investigated by a person with some decent mechanical skills, one who is willing to take time and learn and investigate and tinker with their bike (Ok, not the motronic issue. that's a dealer, manufacturer problem)

    As for the cost of taking your bike to the dealer to have them figure it out... call your dealer and ask what the hourly rate for a technician to look at your bike, then mulitply that by say... 24 (hours)?!?! I don't know, it's dependent on how good a tech you get.

    As for the cost of doing it yourself... Well if you don't count the hours you put in, the parts that you might have to replace are the Hall Sensors, TPS, and oxygen sensor. I'm not gonna say what the costs are, becuse we don't live in the same location on the planet.

    You asked a very open ended, nondiffinitive question.

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    you asked a vaery oipen non difinitive !

    So could this open question be defined some more ..
    More difinitive = Less dealer expense !.
    I dont have any answers ,,but i,d like some

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    This pinging thing is not very common over here 'cos low temperature helps, but I understand my friends down in Italy are going crazy about that especially in the summer. I can only say that, apart from the causes mentioned above, it seems that carbon deposits on piston and cylinder lead to hot spots, therefore detonation. Many guys solved the problem with "water torture" (see also but in that case - as the Mechanic said - you've got to run in again (cheap and quick). Some other guys just stripped the heads and cleaned the shit manually, and it worked (u can do it yourself, you just buy the gaskets, so cheap but long).

    I'm impressed by ur honesty though, not sure if I'd fixed it before selling.....bad guy

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    The best place to start is making sure the bike is tuned as well as it can be.

    How mechanicly inclined are you? Depending on your skill set, tackle each of the suggested areas yourself. But only doing the things you are confident you can do.

    Start with setting your valves (and rocker end play), then setting the TPS, and finally sync'n your throttel bodies. Those are relatively do-able by an average mechanicly inclined person.

    Then make an appointment with a dealer to check the remaining areas. Don't go in saying "Fix the ping!". They will just sigh and say "We'll try", or "They all do that".

    Instead go in and ask for just the specific things be checked (Hall sensor, O2 sensor, etc)

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    1st Try

    This is gonnie be mey first try,,
    An additive de-coke fuel mixture.

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