I could only make it for last night, had to leave after breakfast this morning to do important domestic deeds so I can go shooting tomorrow.

Thanks to Toad (and crew) for what must have been herculean efforts in the cheesedome preparing some very tasty grub; the beef last night was as good as some I've had in expensive restaurants.

Bill-H had his tea/coffee and other drinks establishment in his camper van awning, seen here to the right of Proff's cider tanker. Lovely smell of real coffee this morning, a great shame I can't drink coffee any more.

The view from, more or less, the other direction, showing my humble abode, and the medieval 'ridge and furrow' pattern in the camping field. Probably a challenge if the place ever gets really busy, but there was lots of flat space around the edge.

It's a lovely site, gentle rolling hills on both sides, an old mill building in traditional local stone, and they allow open fires, although this is, I think, Toad's fire pit contraption.

Which does prevent scorch marks like this next to one of the several tipis that appeared.

Sunset and some very fetching fairy lights.

It was very quiet last night, apart from the odd snore or three.