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Thread: BMW paralever pivot bushings NUSHINGS

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    BMW paralever pivot bushings NUSHINGS

    Nylager Nushings are Pivot bushings for BMW airhead and oilhead bikes,made from Molybdenum di sulphide impregnated Nylon 6/6
    - it is very strong and slippery stuff

    These bushings replace the tapered roller bearings that attach the swing arm to the final drive of many BMW bikes. OEM part number 33 17 2 311 091
    NEEDLE BEARING - 10X32X17 ( application chart below)

    The OEM bearings are manufactured by FAG bearing company in Germany, solely for BMW under contract. No other source of these bearings has been found. They are currently $95.06 each (2017) they were $85 last year. We can assume that the OEM bearings will continue to climb in price, until perhaps they are so expensive, and such low volume that BMW/FAG decide to no longer produce them.

    Nushings were designed to replace those tapered roller bearings using the OEM pivot pins. Using high strength Nylatron with Molybdenum Sulfide impregnated within.
    ( They are self lubricating! )

    Installation is simple, no special or factory BMW tools are required.
    They are lightweight, small, and easy to carry as spares on a long trip.

    (Installation instructions can be found in the link below)

    These are the very latest variations of a long experimental lineage of NyLager Nushings.

    They are working well in hundreds of airhead and oilhead BMW bikes all over the world.

    Applications for Nylager Nushings:

    R100 Mystik


    $59.95 per set
    Shipping: ( for up to 4 sets)
    $4 USA
    $8 Anywhere else in the world

    To order just check out this absolutely terrible website!

    Or email me ---->
    paypal address is --->

    For questions, discussion, ideas, or complaints please email

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    For the rest of the month of October, special deals!

    Direct email to for ordering ONLY!

    two sets of Nushings for $95
    three sets of Nushings for $130
    Four sets of Nushings for $170

    flat shipping rates: $3 in the USA/ $5 anywhere else.

    Sale is valid ONLY via emails direct to

    if you order through you will not get these prices!
    ( I do not have time to reconfigure the website right now, the website will only sell Nushings at the normal $59.95 price)
    Consider this a limited time UKGSer insider discount !

    email me for your special priced orders

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    The 20% sale ended last week, but keep an eye on the website for upcoming specials.

    Also, I am about to add another product, a "kit" for going inside the tank.

    -Stainless Steel U bend to replace the failure prone and expensive rubber U bend

    -4" of the proper hose for high pressure submersed in fuel ( enough to install the U bend)
    proper fuel injection type clamps

    -the large O ring ( in VITON) for the fuel pump plate, you will never have to replace this O ring, and it will not be effected by gasoline.

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    I can not take credit for this video, but it is a very good and detailed guide to installing Nushings.

    Thank you Juan!

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    Nushings, stainless U bends, and Fuel tank kits are all available, ( the new kits contain 6" of the proper fuel line)

    kits are not on the website yet, but just shoot me an email if you want one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mouthfulloflake View Post
    Nushings, stainless U bends, and Fuel tank kits are all available, ( the new kits contain 6" of the proper fuel line)

    kits are not on the website yet, but just shoot me an email if you want one.
    Whats the price going to be?
    R1150GS | R100/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergeant Pluck View Post
    Whats the price going to be?
    $42 with international shipping

    $39 shipped within the USA

    also, Nushings are on holiday sale for 20% off!

    which means $55.20 shipped International, $52 USA shipped

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