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Thread: The Details

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    Great weekend and company

    thanks again

    cheers Davey

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    The Marble City (Kilkenny) ,South East Ireland
    Great venue & a great weekend.
    Many thanks to the usual suspects Brian & Geraldine and Jochen.
    Standards as high as always

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    Thank you Jochen, Geraldine and Bryan for a great and memorable weekend. It fair blew the cobwebs away. Thanks to the rest of you for your company.

    ps Thanks to Kev for his bike picking up skills!!!
    We should learn from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. [/I]

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    Great weekend as usual and thanks to Brian Geraldine and Jochen.

    The fairly eventful trip home was interesting and it included nearly getting blown into a ditch on the road to Sligo, Claire's waterproof trousers deciding the Irish rain was too much, the brilliant R200 which we rode in error as I missed a turn but a bit dodgy in the wet, no cheap B&B's or hotels on the East Coast so we got pampered in the Grand at Malahide, cancelled fast ferry so early slow boat, free upgrade to club class as the guy in the ticket booth rode bikes and felt sorry for us, force 9 winds on the Irish sea, sat near Ricki Tomlinson on the ferry who it turns out is a loud mouthed unfriendly pisshead who looked and smelt like he'd spent the weekend in a ditch, A5 closed on the way home and it turns out the standard GSA passenger seat does not meet Madam's comfort criteria

    Great weekend.

    "Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope.
    With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream.
    If you have hope, you have everything."

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    Coffee Stop.

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    Thanks to the organisers for a great weekend. Nice to put some faces to the handles. John + Bernie. (Gloveman :-)

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    Many thanks to Geraldine, Brian and Jochen for another great weekend. That is eight years in a row............respect.

    It is easy to overlook the organisation and planning that goes into these events. The responsibility and worries. It wouldn't happen without the team stepping up to the mark. and it did not go unnoticed that Geraldine hopes to continue organising future events (hopefully Brian and Jochen will continue as well)

    Respect and thanks.


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    Many thanks

    Brian, Geraldine and Jochen,
    Many thanks for organising this trip. As usual the hotel was brilliant as was the food and beer.
    I will return
    Kind regards
    I always wondered why my surname began with G and ended with S

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    So glad you all enjoyed the weekend. Thank you all for the kind messages.


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    Can you imagine any greater contrast between this weekend's weather and last weekend's ? You could not make it up!

    I am still remembering the hot scones in the Centra at Moygownagh!!
    Climate is what you hope for, weather is what you get!

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    Sorry for such a late reply but wanted to add my thanks

    What a fabulous weekend I always love catching up with old friends and meeting new one
    Really enjoyed the ride out too great weekend altogether.

    Big thanks to Brian, Geraldine and Jochen see y'all in Leenane

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