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Thread: Hungary motorway charges

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    Hungary motorway charges

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    Hi - actually the complainant must be blind! the Matrica requirement is very well signed with lots of opportunities to buy at every gas station, border crossing and across Austria as well. It is 50% discount for bikes and a fair rate compared to the robbing French. Anyone going on the Hungarian highways - buy the matrica - you can do it online as well - they will catch you. Sometimes they have a random check on the highway and at the border - using the ANPR technology - and then they give you the chance to pay up the fine then! I got caught out once while living there - pulled off the M1 just before the services where I was going to buy it and get my usual coffee.

    As far as Euro Car parking - they over inflate the fine. If you get caught out and receive the bill in UK - just pay the amount of fine listed on - then tell them to eff off for the rest. They will send loads of threatening letters - but you can then threaten them back for harassment. If you threaten recipricol legal action - copy in a random expensive law firm email address, they soon back off.

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    I like how the moaner in the press article complains about the lack of English signs on the Hungary.
    Is it that hard to do a quick check of various countries driving requirements before you visit them ? Obviously it is.

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