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Thread: Bluetooth music remote control

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    Bluetooth music remote control

    - I play music on my phone, which is piped via bluetooth to my helmet.
    - I want a bike mounted bluetooth remote so can easily skip tracks / play / pause / adjust volume with a simple button press.
    - There does not appear to be much on the market, and the stuff that I have found has small buttons which does not work well with gloves.
    - After a bike-proof one with glove friendly buttons that will last. I don't mind paying a bit of £££ for something good. Cheap tat ain't worth it.

    This one is crap (failed after couple of months) and too small. Image below.

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    Is it just BT headphones you have or full coms? How about voice control if you have full coms.
    I do what you are after via my garmin but that isn't a cheap option. Does work well though.

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    Interesting, I've had one of the above bluetooth buttons and it has lasted well. The batteries wear out but once replaced are fine. I have no problems operating it.
    Do you ride with oven gloves on?

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    I have one similar to the one you have but it doesn’t clip on the bars. Griffin, about £17 on eBay when I got mine.
    It’s for wired headphones on new iPhones. New iPhones have Bluetooth ear buds so if you have fancy headphones you can’t use them, (you probably know this). It’s not designed for a gloved hand but works ok for me.
    Little usb charging port, charge lasts most of the day but you maybe able to recharge it on the move, I can’t remember.
    They make make bigger/ better ones.


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    I have seen one called, Daytona. If I remember correctly. Sold for motorbike use.

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