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Thread: Scotland Motorcycle Tours 2019

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    Scotland Motorcycle Tours 2019

    Good morning all - Hopefully this is the correct section on the forum to post this...

    My name is Jamie, I am based in Glenrothes, Fife. I am new to the forum this year too :-)

    Last year I thought about starting up a small motorcycle tour guide business, the business would run bike tours all over Scotland such as riding the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Skye, NC 500, Coast to Coast and tour of the borders.
    I am now starting to get a website designed, social media pages set up and so on. I have 10 years road riding experience, before I passed my bike test, I had a go at trials riding, some motocross then onto enduro riding.
    My plan is to set up a small business and run bike tours during my time off from offshore work, currently working a 3 on 3 off rotation so plenty time at home. I have been doing my own adventures around Scotland since buying my first camper van in 2008, since then I just love getting out and about all over Scotland and exploring, back in 2016 I converted my LWB Mercedes Sprinter into a motorhome with garage, kitted out for bigger and better adventures.
    Bikes passed and present - First road bike was a 600 bandit, then I moved onto a Z1000 streetfighter, I have never owned a sported bike as I like the more sit up bikes, after the z1000 I bought a newer one and kept that for a year before buying my first BMW GS, I went to BMW Motorrad in Dundee to have a look at them along with Drysdales KTM in Perth. The BMW was the bike for me, I loved the look of the 1200 GS adventure but when I went to view one in Dundee it was a lot bigger than I thought....ha-ha, I then decided to go for the R1200 GS on a 2010 plate which I kept for a year, then I traded it in and bought a 2011 GSA. The GSA with all the gadgets on it was great on road and a little off road riding, last year I sold this bike and bought the newer BMW GSA LC model and I absolutely love this bike.

    I have been touring all over Scotland for years whether on the bike or in the campervan, I have marked out some of the best roads there Is for riding on, stunning scenery and amazing beaches. Bike tours will have a variety of options - Bike tours with B&B, Bike tours and wild camping, Bike tours and camping on sites, Bike tours with Micro lodges and Wigwams, Weekend tours running Friday to Monday, Bike tours over 7-10 days.

    Like I said, I am now in the process of getting this tour business up and running, I am also open to suggestions, other riders experience, what else can I offer etc so fire away :-)


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    Good luck Jamie, that sounds like a great idea.

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    Good luck with the new venture. Love Scotland

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    Good luck and I’m interested in what your doing ... really fancy doing trip around Scotland.

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    There must be a market for overseas visitors renting a bike, and doing the NC500. If you could partner with a bike hire company, you could advertise globally, a hired-bike, pre-planned accommodaton, and a guide all-in. Maybe collect customers at the Airport, team-them-up with hire bikes, and head off for a week's touring the NC500, stopping at the famous places (Glenfinnan monument, Wallace Monument, Glencoe, Harry Potter viaduct etc) and also offering data/diatribe to bring the tour to life (i.e. what happened at Bannockburn etc) -
    Then get some good reviews on Tripadvisor etc...
    Could be a winner (that's what I would do!!!)
    See - some customers just want to fly in, ride, and go home, without taking their own bike on ferries etc...
    copy this but in UK: https://www.windycitymotorcycletours...--route66-2018
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    Sounds good and good luck with it.

    The only nuggets of advice I can give are to be prepared for questions you never thought you'd ever hear asked, remain utterly calm in all situations, prepare for the unexpected and retain your sense of humour.

    It's a great thing showing people round places you know and love and you'll have a great time doing it.

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    With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream.
    If you have hope, you have everything."

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    Good luck with the new venture, how about predicting the weather ahead of the planned visits?

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    Yeah guarantee good weather and you have a winner

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