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Thread: Older GS Suspension Lowering

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    Older GS Suspension Lowering

    Evening All

    First post, so be gentle and all that...

    Looking to get an older GS. Slight preference for the looks of the 1100 with the beaky bit over the 1150 but either would be a nice addition to my BMW collection (I’ve an R9T, M6 and e30 323i in the garage).

    Wifey has recently started to accompany me as a pillion but the R9T is not a serious touring option 2-up.

    Being a bit of a short arse and with my wife being keen to tour but still a novice on the back seat I’d like to flat foot if possible. I’ve been looking for a bike with the view to fitting something like the Hyperpro lowering kit. I can easily flat foot a new low chassis GS but I prefer the oil head and classic looks of the earlier bikes.

    Any thoughts or experiences welcome

    Ps - should add budget is around Ł4K for the bike. Is this do-able for something in nice condition with history?

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    I have an R1150GS and a 29" inside leg. The bike is fitted with lower springs, an adjustable torque arm and a low seat. More-or-less flat feet, depending on which boots I'm wearing.

    PS welcome to the forum
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    If you decide on a 1200, I have a gorgeous pair of Wilbers -20mm shocks. They improve the handling of the bike no end, probably the best accessory money can buy. Keep meaning to advertise them but keep forgetting about them. I had them fitted to my first GS, a 2007 model year. However I soon traded that bike in for a brand new 2009 model with esa and they fitted straight on with no issues. I thought removing the electronic suspension might have put up a dash warning lamp but no. I have no idea if they would fit an 1150 etc.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I’m wanting to go down the 1100/1150 route with the 30mm lowering kit so reassured I’ll be able to flat foot it. I’ve got a 30” inside leg but aware the centre of gravity will be high with a pillion and luggage on board.

    Now just need to find something suitable!

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    A friend of mine did that with his G650GS ...

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    Turns out it didn’t matter in the end...

    Swung a short leg over an 1100GS in a local bike shop and with the seat on the lower setting, I could pretty much flat foot in trainers.

    Bought on the spot and taking delivery on Thursday. My first GS but not first oil head as it’ll be keeping my R9T company.

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