Trying to have a bit of a clear out. HiFi Seperates that I'd lusted after back in the day but were boxed up and stored away a few years ago. All goood quality items working perfectly with the exception of the Amp which has an intermittent fault which causes it to loose one channell ( Right side) which is usually rectrified with a few taps on the box so I suspect its a loose connection somewhere. anyway, not worth putting these in the for sale section as postage to Uk will be a disaster. Probably best collected from me here in Cork, I can deliver in Cork too. All are boxed with manuals . Speakers never had a manual. My philosophy at time of buying these was to get a pure sound so for instance these seperates lack tone controls and their internal circuitry is apparantly designed along similar lines. When I was looking at them today I realised that all are made in germany, Japan or UK, I suspect thats not the case thesedays. I'll post pics later. so...

Marantz PM-30SE Amplifier (faulty) ( free if taking the other seperates)
Marantz CD-42 CD Player Excellent Condition with remote (€65)
Denon TU-260L Tuner AM/FM. Excellent Condition (€35)
Denon DRM-600 Cassette Deck, Excellent Condition (€40)
JPW Sonata Speakers. The Speakers are in Excellent condition but their boxes are worn at some corners. (€35)

So all in for €175 you get a nice system with a dodgy amp.