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Thread: Any dealings with 4th dimension/Surrey MC Salvage?

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    Any dealings with 4th dimension/Surrey MC Salvage?

    I recently had a small accident, I am insured with Carole Nash, minimal damage to the bike, but I knew it would be "written off" as the bike is only worth £1,400 tops

    When I spoke to Carole Nash I was then put in touch with "4th Dimension" who would handle the motorcycle damage claim. They wanted to take the bike away to their depot "for assessment" by all parties, and were very insistent that I take a hire bike from them. This whole "assessment" process would last 4-6 weeks and I would not be able to get the bike back until the other party's assessor had looked at the bike.

    I queried who would pay their storage fees and the bike hire charges in the event of the other party not admitting liability, then said "don't worry, you wont pay anything"

    Now being a cynical type, I didn't believe them, so I told them I didn't want a hire bike and was going to fix the bike myself

    "4th dimension" are basically "Surrey Motorcycle Salvage", they sell the written-off bikes on ebay, see here

    Now, I am curious, has anyone had any dealings with them? Did they take your bike away? How was the whole procedure and the end result? etc

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    I've bought bikes from them, never had a problem. they have a team of drivers that collect your stuff and the process is pretty as per the ebay site

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    4th dimensions handled my claim a few years back when I had my bike stolen and recovered. They were horrific to deal with, accused me of lying, failed to communicate at all stages and tried to withhold payment for a very clear cut claim. I ended up contacting the ombudsman before they paid out, over 6 months from the claim date for a theft recorded on CCTV and with the bike recovered the same day.

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    A mate of mine had his 955 Daytona taken away by them after a no fault claim. His insurers were Carol Nash. 4th Dimension insisted that he had one of their 1250 Bandits as a hire bike which he gladly accepted. He never saw the Daytona again but was paid out more than the market value. It took 4th Dimension over a month to come and pick up the hire bike. All in all he was happy with how they dealt with him

    From a different perspective I have another mate who worked there for over 7 years. A couple of months back they had a Triumph 1200 Bobber for sale under the Surrey Salvage banner on e-bay. The bike didn't look too badly damaged to me. In fact. I had all the damaged parts needed to put the bike back on the road sat in boxes in my shed. I estimated it would have been about 3 hours work but what put me off buying it was my mates comment when I asked what are Surrey Salvage like to deal with?

    He said "They're as dodgy as fuck"
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    They fixed my Harley after I dropped it, it took 18 weeks to get it back, the repair was excellent but they would not communicate with me and just kept on blaming back order parts, the parts were readily available from my local Harley dealers. I would not use them again they just ramped up the claim which you have to declare at renewal.

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