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Starting from where?

If it's Calais, there is a fast rote, via Bruxelles or I'd suggest, 'scenic' via Camrai, then roughly along the axis, Chimay, Givet, Malmedy, Monschau.
I have stolen a few routes from the ride magazine today. One is something like Calais to Montherme. Then another from their Ardennes section and edited /split that to continue eastwards. I think I may stay the first and last night around the Dinan range (but probably not Dinan as been there). Ideas?

Then spend days 2 - 5 probably in the sankt vinth area or just a smidge further across. Don't fancy a long trek to beat a chunnel on the way back. My base will probably be some where around that area, depending on the amount of routes I can pilfer in a close enough compass from a start point so as to ride 4 good days without travelling too far to start it. Once I have the routes in BC I'' start looking for a central point.