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Thread: Are used prices up?

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    Are used prices up?

    Wondering if the used moto’s on auto trader are higher than they were before COVID..

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    I know used car values are friends are paying way over book at auctions trying to get good stock.
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    Hmmm It will be interesting to see the 2nd hand values of German made cars after no deal Brexit

    Interesting ly We buy any car offered me an amount of money for mine which was only £1500 less than I paid for it over 2 years ago
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    I think S/H prices are on the up (for now).

    Might continue if new bike imports are £1,500 more in January.

    I believe that Aprilia have just knocked £4K off new Tuonos (in prep for Euro5, I guess)
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    I've just been doing a deal to buy a bike. There are some stonking deals out there privately. Dealers seem to be offering low trade-ins because of Winter looming and COVID (certainly for bikes over 3 years old they won't typically put in the showroom). My guess is that bikes are often luxury items and being sold because of employment risks, and winter.
    Plenty out there are very good prices if you dig...FB Marketplace, Ebay etc...
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