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Thread: I do.....but which one?

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    I do.....but which one?

    The itch is back but what to buy? My last GS was a 2003 GSA1150, but I’m done with the GSA thing, I don’t need to wire wheels or the bigger tank and I’d rather have less weight (yes, I know.....calories in/calories out).’s flexible based on whims and other illogical factors...but £8500 would seem a number that wouldn’t engage divorce proceedings.

    I ‘think’ I want a 1200 but a decent sub 30k miler seems to run at £5k+ whereas at £8500 you seem to be into very nice 2013/2014 LC models.

    I’ve seen a few BMW dealer ones with the 2yr warranty (I had a K1200GT which I bought under the scheme and it was reasonably useful, had to negotiate on some work but it did get done) and I might feel safer with a warranty with a ESA equipped this concern justified?
    Alternatively how many LCs came with non-ESA? I see a dealer has one at £6950, which I find almost unbelievable. But the others bits on it are limited to heated grips I think......and do I want/need cruise? I can’t recall me using it much on my K12GT.

    Luggage doesn’t get me excited, I’ve plenty of Kriega stuff and roll bags, but if it was included at reasonable premium I guess it might help when I sell in 2 years time. (That’s the longest I’ve kept a bike to date anyway).

    Average size and weight for a Tosser, 5ft 11 and 100kg, with some neck/back issues affecting my rapidly approaching half century of years abused body, that mean even my comfy CBR600F is feeling a little leaned forward these days, so definitely looking for that more upright stance again.

    So is the extra few grand worth spending on an LC over an earlier 1200?

    Thanks for reading 👍

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    A late twincam 2012/13 would be the best of the Hexheads

    Well specced ones are around, not sure if delaers will do a 2yr warranty on one

    early to mid LC's are available within your budget, as are some top end ones

    I got a 2016 TE fulys specced ans with a 2 year warranty for your budget. you may need to travel though ..

    LC over Hexhead?? LC has bells and whistles - some may float your boat - nav prep , quick shift, wetplate clutch

    Compared to the hexhead, its leaps and bounds , but with no soul if that makes sense , it does all it needs to do but clinically -

    Would i have a hexhead over an LC - difficult one both have benefits and drawbacks

    Welcome back

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    Cheers Santa......those are the replies I always appreciated about this forum. I’ve read that about the soul, I must admit reliability and no nasty bills comes before soul for me. Mind you my GSA1150 needed a new clutch within 500 miles.....that was a ‘great’ intro to BMW ��
    Thanks bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britishbeefy View Post
    I’ve read that about the soul
    I guess that the amount of "soul" of a GS depends on where you've come from.

    If you've come from a Ducati Multistrada or a "ready-to-race" big KTM, then I can well imagine that, in comparison, a well-rounded GS or RT boxer would have less "soul". I know that many in our parish have come from howling, "arse-in-the-air" 4-cyclinder superbikes to the S1000XR or even more tame GS - losing some amount of "soul" in the process. I imagine that soul refers to some individual personality trait that one could sometimes love and sometimes struggle with.

    Personally all my big bikes have been boxer twins, so I don't know any different - but I find the BMW a perfect travelling companion.

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    My 2010 1200 TC has 47K miles on it with no problems.
    My wife’s 2014 1200 LC has 34K miles on it - the rear shock needed a rebuild at 30K - guy off here did it, excellent service and VFM.

    In a nutshell the TC has more low down grunt, the LC feels more revvy and quicker.

    The main thing for us is the ergonomics - the TC has more leg room and is sit up, the LC has a lower seat, less leg room and more of a lean forward riding position. I would recommend a test ride on both.

    I think both bikes are pretty reliable - plenty of people will say that of the TC and I saw a 100K mile review of a 2014 LC on you tube the other day, no real problems.

    Some 2014 models have paint issues - one of them being my wife’s - BMW didn’t want to know but it’s a few bubbles and she’s not really bothered about it. I would advise checking the paintwork though if you’re looking at a 14/15 plate, I think the others are fine.

    Both bikes are great but the differences above make them very different so try before you buy.

    Good luck and welcome back

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    You could get another 1150. I believe there's a nice one for sale now, and the bloke is open to offers.

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    Good info thanks guys. And that Navigator prep........that’s a trifle annoying........ I have a spare iPhone I use for any Nav, not sure I really want to stick £xxx on a Navigator to fill that gap when my phone seems to do mostly the same. ��

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    It’s taken me almost 50yrs to admit I might as well never bother with budgets. When a dealer has a stupid low mile used example (when my last GS had 98k on it with no issues) giving a high residual and low monthlies.....what’s not to like? Savings intact for the rainy day and that 2yr warranty in place.
    Looks like I’ve just pressed the button.

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    Go on then, give us a clue - what have you bought?

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    65 plate R1200GS TE with 4400 miles. Too expensive at £9600 ���� but with a grand down its ~£100/ the BMW Service ‘tax’ to maintain the warranty I guess! Be nice to get back on a GS, just a matter of clearing up a stubborn bout of gout first!

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    Best of luck with the gout, and enjoy your bike when you can.

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    Glad you've made the decision, and enjoy your bike!

    I get confused over all this talk of 'soul' because (a) it's such a personal thing and (b) the line between annoying quirk and soul depends on what you're using the bike for. Something that counts as 'soul' can soon becomes bloody irritating on a long trip. A bike that leaps forward on the merest hint of throttle, with a nice throaty roar, has a lot of 'soul' on a test ride or a sunny Sunday blast. But it's a pain in the arse on a 150-mile round trip commute or an 8-hour ride in the rain.
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    Thanks ����

    The gout seems to have taken a turn for the worse, I blame the Welsh rugby team. ����

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    Pretty happy having picked her up on for Lord Darkford to remove the last of the travel restrictions tomorrow.

    How accurate is the on bike mpg? It’s showing 61mpg over my first 200 miles.......I’ll brim it next trip and go from there....and speed up a bit.

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    FFS!!! 8 days into ownership and stranded 10 miles from home with a fkd battery. Approved they send them out with chocolate fire guards for batteries? Convinced it was in a crappy condition having been standing in the dealership for months. Put a new battery on before you send it out you cheap skates !

    90 mins to wait now whilst my 4 colleagues I hadnÂ’t seen for 12 months go off on our first ride out without me.


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