Preferably not a Canon, as I’ve read the “other printer thread” and having been on the receiving end of canon’s woeful Mac printer driver support, I’ve vowed that for the foreseeable Canon will not get my cash.

Wondered if anyone else here, either professionally or for fun printed to canvas and whether they’d be able to suggest / recommend a printer ?

Yes, I do know, before some clever soul points out I can send the image off and have it printed to canvas for peanuts and delivered to me the same day. Done that before and has usually worked out well, but we fancy having a go ourselves.

I’ve googled this and cost / size of printer / quality is quite a range ! From 500 up to 000’s ! And I don’t really have the room for the mahoosive versions.

Edit, ideally looking to print at A3+, or A2, if it had a roller feed that would be brilliant- but from what I’ve seen they are mega bucks.