OK, I might forget that some of you guys here might not have been around since 2009 so I will advise you of what we do.

You can arrive in advance. Any time from now on realy.

Friday. We head off to one of the local night markets. Last year we decamped to the market in Beauville. They have excellent food, drink and live entertainment. Early arrivals were treated to a chaufear driven trip in my Bentley. Late arrivals (such as Martin on his KTM 1290) turned up at our home and found that we out! He found us at the market.

Saturday is serious chill out time. Do as little as possible, chill by the pool or go for a ride.

Saturday night is he full monty for food and drink. Sumrat has been reeducated that the French way that meat can be eaten raw.

Sunday morning we have a great ride out all around the Lot area with awesome roads and wonderful little French villages. Sunday afternoon we just chill out by the pool.

You can stay for as long as yoh likevbut we leave for the V.I.N.C.E. in early September.

I guarantee that you will have an awesome weekend.