I'm amazed nobody's said anything about it yet but the play off for 3rd and 4th place in the World cup is on the Saturday night of the Hugmoist.

Don't panic though...I've just been speaking to Dough central and it's all in hand.....the Rudgy club bar has a large screen and a projector thingy, and if the weather's nice there's a possibility of having a screen outside

Captain Doughboy is also going to speak to the bands about it, so if England happen to be playing that night, things can be worked around it so that everyone can enjoy everything

(yeah ok Tarquin etc etc....you can just sit in a corner and drink if you like )

The final is on the Sunday night K.O at 20;00, so hopefully everyone will be able to make it home in time if they need to

It's a shame the final's not Saturday really isn't it....if we make it that far, it's be a cracking night all watching it at the Hugmoist