1. Contour ROAM3

    Hi, got a ROAM3 second hand but can't find a usable 'storyteller' for WIN10 to download onto the laptop. It seems like a really usable piece of kit but without this the camera is pretty much redundant. :nenau Any pearls of wisdom?
  2. VSYS Motorcycle Dual Dash Cam System

    VSYS 2CH camera recording systems are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. A set of 2 waterproof, wide-angle camera system is installed on the motorcycle or scooter. Powers through bike’s battery never need to be charged. Starts...
  3. Phill Elston

    Maiden Post... Help with electrickery please

    Hi Guys, Thanks for accepting me onto the forum. I picked up my first ever GS last Wednesday and to say I'm impressed with it would be an understatement... I traded in my 54 plate Honda St1300 Pan European and bought a 2017 Triple Black. I want (need) to attach various things electrical...

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