1. er-minio

    Blocking notifications automatically iPhone/Intercom

    I always refused to use an intercom because I don't want to be disturbed when riding. Then, couple of years ago, I caved in and discovered that it is actually pretty handy (music, talking to a buddy). I installed the intercom kit in 2 of my helmets. The only drawback is that I tend to get the...
  2. Sena SRL2 for sale in Co. Clare

    Hi Folks, This is listed in the Forum Sale section but as we are a bit away from the general UKGSER populace thought it might get a little more attention on here if someone was interested. For Sale a fitted and once used Sena SRL2 kit complete with box. This was fitted to my Neotec2 about 2...
  3. Schuberth Concept or C3 Pro with Cardo G9x - Fitting

    Anyone fitted a G9x to a concept or a C3 pro? Both are giving me a headache due to the neck skirt and the routing of the earpiece cable. Same problem with the c3 pro. Any help / advice appreciated. Ian

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