1. icedfusion

    Maximum electrical capacity of the bike?

    Being in the process of purchasing a machine from a member here, I intend to use it for a trip to Norway with my daughter. As a result, I will be adding an Amplify to power 2 lots of heated clothing at some point, plus the additional USB chargers/installation of some denali lights. I have seen...
  2. R1200GS A rear shock, ESA Cable attachment

    I have a 2008 R1200GS A and replaced the broken standard shock with a NITRON non electronically one. Unfortunately the warning light on the dash has come on to say there is an issue. I have therefore recently bought a blanking cap for the ESA to enable to warning light to go off. However I...
  3. R90s Electrical Issues

    My R90s has been off the road for a few years, so decided to have a go at recommissioning it. Put new battery on and the ignition light came on straight away. Turn on the ignition light dims and oil light glimmers. Other than that all electrics dead. Anyone any ideas, Thanks Nigel
  4. sykospain

    Battery Isolator Switch

    Bearing in mind Berlin's wonderful design concept whereby in order to unhook or remove the battery on these bikes, you need to half-dismantle the entire sodding vehicle, my pal Mo with the '04 GS Adventure - enormous bike - and I with my much more easily nick-able '04 Rockster, are both...
  5. TomTom Rider causing flat battery?

    So just before I went on my holidays (17 days ago) I installed the mounting and electrics for my new TomTom rider using direct battery connection, when I came back the battery was almost dead and had to bump start the bike. Could this have been caused with the direct battery connection? Should...
  6. Alternative wiring R80 G/S

    Hi all, Need to rewire my G/S. Thought about getting a factory main loom and making the sub looms myself.. Looking at my loom there seems to be a lot of unnecessary wiring. That loom to the front light is a weak spot too (repaired it twice already). Thinking if I swapped out all the BM...

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