gear changing

  1. Quick shift fix lc 1200

    HI there, apols if posted before but I thought id let anyone interested know I found a fix for a non or intermittent functioning quick shift unit which has since resolved three others similar faulty shifts. I am on my second lc now and this was the first with GSAP etc, when I got it I found...
  2. F800GS - 3rd -> 2nd false shift

    Hi All, I have a 65 F800GS, just got it back from its 1 year service. I have a problem where going from 3rd gear into 2nd one of three things can happen: - The shifter is stiff and I have to let off before trying to press back down again - I shift the lever down but it stays in 3rd (i.e. a...
  3. Tearaway

    Crunchy gear changes

    I just noticed today that my f800gs gearbox has taken on a crunchy feel :blast Down form 2nd to 1st is gone very harsh and on the up chance I seem to be hitting neutral regularly. A few time I noticed that the gear lever seem to be very stiff to move. Haven't changed anything and same old...

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