gs adventure

  1. New GS1200 Adventure 2017

    I just picked up a new GS 1200 Adventure. It has Nav 6 but...I also like to have my phone mounted as to me it is still better for traffic and routing using Google Maps or Wase, the Nav 6 is a backup. I am looking at Ram to find a mount for the phone, the Ram X Grip will do the job but.....I...
  2. GS 1150 adventure engine swap

    My GSA has around 135,000 miles on it. The cam chain guide had disintegrated and there is a horrible low-level vibration from the bottom end of the engine. So I bought's a second hand 40,000 mile engine of eBay to do a swap. On the forums, I'd seen a thread where somebody had set up a DIY...

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