1. Fuel tank connector

    I’m replacing a plastic insert on the left side of the fuel tank of my 2008 GS1200 to which the fuel feed connects to the pump. I have asked my local Motorrad dealership for the non setting sealant to use on the threads but they are unable to find or supply such. Has anyone else done the same...
  2. Opinios please GS1200 2005 69000 miles

    lI want to buy a GS1200 but with my budget all i can get is 2005 with around 60000, I've seen a couple and they look good and very well taken care. My question is how many miles can i expect from a GS1200 ? Thanks in advance. Bruno
  3. NC500 clockwise May 2019

    Well, as part of my ongoing mid-life crisis, I am embarking on the NC500 this month. Starting in Devon, riding up to Lake District, then to Inverness (via Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Fort William, Loch Ness etc). Then 3 days to do the NC500 with some "diversions". And 2 days back to Devon via...
  4. 2018 GS Rallye TE with Akrapovic youtube clip (Euro 3)

    Fellow GS Lovers, Here is a quick video for your viewing of my GS Rallye with Akrapovic incase it helps anyone. Its the Euro 3 Akrapovic, not the Euro 4. Hope this helps someone with decisions :cool: Thanks Yans.
  5. Rough idle on 2004 1200GS

    Hi all. I fitted a new clutch friction plate to my GS last week and since reassembling the bike it has developed a really rough idle. I got the Twinmax out after my run home from work tonight and sure enough, it's leading on the left cylinder at idle (constantly between 0 - 2 on fully sensitive...

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