1. GS-911 or OBD & Motorscan

    Through this forum I got a GS-911 but unfortunately and confirmed by hexcode it will not talk to my 2014 GS, so that will be getting put up for sale. Now I have two options: 1 - Go full monty on a new GS-911, there is a deal at the moment which gives a free professional upgrade - total cost...
  2. lmg

    Coding TPMS wheels to 2010 GSA1200 with GS911

    I have recently picked up a GS911 system for my 2010 R1200GSA. I have long had a set of wheels whose TPMS have not been coded to the bike. Given the lockdown and me doing next to nothing, I thought I may have a go at setting them up. Does anyone know how to do this with GS911 and could...

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