1. Paint Wear

    Hi folks I thought I had read somewhere on this forum, that some owners were encountering paint wear on the New GS 1300. My bike had done less than 500 miles when I noticed it had some showings of paint wear on the metal part of the tank, just below the tank fairing. Are others encountering...
  2. Can Someone Recommend A Good Spray Painter in Manchester UK

    Looking at getting a new paint job for my BMW R80. Can anyone recommend a good artist who would know how to use gold leaf on a tank and also coach lines. Thanks
  3. kurienp

    Hole in Crankcase++

    The area around the hole in the crankcase - the paint seems to be coming off. Anyone else had this issue? recommendations on what can be done? going to NoG tomorrow to show it there. Still under warranty so hope it gets sorted.

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