1. How to get a GOPX file (ACT Portugal) into my Garmin AND USE IT (!

    Hi, (sorry for the typo, of course I mean GPX file ) I am really struggling with this. I can see the GPX file sitting on my Macbook and I have used the POI loader to send it to my Garmin 340LM. Now what ? I can't find anything in the Sat Nav that looks like it's about Portugal, or see my file on...
  2. TomBoyNI

    F800GSA Power Socket Location?

    I recently purchased a TomTom Rider V5 and have been trying to work out the best way to fit it to the bike and would appreciate any hints / advice or a steer in the right direction please? So the way I think I am going to proceed is to connect it to the F800GSA's power loom near the battery. I...
  3. Pairing Nav V with iphone 5 Bluetooth issue

    Just purchased a BMW Navigator V for the GS TE. Having problems pairing the Satnav with my iPhone 5. Has anyone had a similar issue when pairing the two devices and knows how to fix this. The two devices connect but disconnect almost immediately. Cheers.

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